Monday, March 03, 2014

Improving and exploring new ideas for the platform through GSoC

I just wanted to bring to your attention the recent addition of a couple google summer of code projects aiming at improving and exploring new ideas for the Eclipse Platform.

First - Notification center
The goal of this project is to implement a notification center and see if having this feature available in the platform could reduce the number of workflow interruptions.

Second - Simplification of the import wizards
Here, the goal is to reduce the number of import wizards and confusion raising from those by introducing more smart into the wizard to figure out what the user can do.

Third - Filesystem centric view of the projects
The goal of this exploration stems from the observation that a lot of time, one needs to access the file system backing the projects presented in the IDE to perform some operations. In order to avoid the context switch implied in going to the filesystem, I would like to explore the creation of a filesystem centric view.

At this point, I've identified myself as a mentor for these three projects, but if you want to join me in driving these things, you are more than welcome.

Of course there are many other ideas and improvements focused on the platform such as performance, SWT ports, CSS support improvements, etc, and also many other projects in other areas of the Eclipse ecosystem. You can find all the proposals on the eclipse wiki.

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Max said...

All good ones - where can one sign up as interested in mentoring/assisting?