Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remediation support, goodbye cryptic p2 dependency error message.

Thanks to the sponsoring of JBoss, you can now say goodbye to the cryptic dependency error messages. Indeed, starting with Eclipse Kepler, when p2 is not able to complete the requested installation, it proactively searches for alternate ways to help you proceed.

This search for alternate solutions is done automatically as soon as p2 realizes that it can't proceed with the installation. No special action required. Once the search is complete, your only work is to select one of the solution discovered in the dialog as shown below.

Beyond the improved user experience, I believe this is an important improvement in the consumability of the Eclipse ecosystem since users now have a much higher chance of completing their install, rather than just giving up or downloading a new version of eclipse to try their install there.

Enjoy, and don't forget to thanks JBoss.


Rafael Chaves said...

Nice! What is the the first milestone to have this feature, Pascal?

Pascal said...

The version version was available in Kepler M7 but the UI with the tree is available in Kepler RC1.

Andrew Eisenberg said...

Great feature! Been using it quite a bit today.

Found typo in the UI. Under the Build my own solution" section, there is "Install less item than originally requested". Should be "Install fewer items than originally requested".

nickb said...

Is there a way to invoke remediation from the p2.director app? Would love to (optionally) be able to accept remediation during a headless p2.director install.

Pascal said...

Nick, this is currently not available in the director application.