Thursday, November 10, 2016

5 reasons to use EGerrit - #1 – Comment directly from the language editor

To celebrate the release of EGerrit 1.1, we are enumerating the top 5 features of the tool.

#1 - Comment directly from the language editor

When you are performing the review of a large change, the compare editor may no longer be satisfactory because you want to have multiple files opened, or because you want to see more information about the source code. Yet, you still want to be able to enter and see comments while you are in the regular editor (e.g. Java editor).

This is exactly what the EGerrit’s integration with the Eclipse markers let you do. When you checkout a review, a marker will be associated with each comment from the checked-out revision; and each file that is part of the review will feature a context menu to let you enter a new comment (see picture). Each marker created will be shown in the “Markers view” and will have associated quick-fixes letting you reply to the comment, or delete it if it is a draft.

This concludes our top 5 of EGerrit features, and we hope that you will take the time to try out the tool and provide us with feedback, and feature requests. Of course 1.1 is not the end, and we are steadily improving the tool by making the workflows smoother, and deepening the integrations. Our current release plan is to ship a new version of EGerrit with Neon.2 in December 2016, with Neon.3 in February 2017, and with Oxygen in June 2017. If you can’t wait for those, you can always get our latest I build from one of our repository.

Top 5 EGerrit features:


Etienne Juliot said...

hi Pascal.

The 3 last items of your list "Top 5 EGerrit features: " have bad href links and go 404 because there isn't the prefix of your blog URL.

Pascal said...

Thanks for catching this. It is now fixed.