Tuesday, October 25, 2016

5 reasons to use EGerrit - #4, Simple checkout

To celebrate the release of EGerrit 1.1, we are enumerating the top 5 features of the tool. After last week's #5 - Being in Eclipse, this week reason is simple checkout.

Reason #4 – Simple checkout.

Reviews often need to be downloaded to be examined in depth. For efficiency, EGerrit allows to download the code by the push of a button.
You can find this button in two places: in the EGerrit dashboard (see picture), where it will always cause the most recent revision to be downloaded, and in the editor where you can chose the revision to download.
You can download EGerrit from the Neon release repo or from the Eclipse Marketplace. For questions, you can connect with us on egerrit-dev@eclipse.org; and for bugs or to take a peek at the future you can see our Kanban board.

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