Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 reasons to use EGerrit - #3, In-place comments

To celebrate the release of EGerrit 1.1, we are enumerating the top 5 features of the tool.

Reason #3 – In-place comments.

Performing a review means commenting. As you go through the changes, you want to enter comments right here and there, and this can be done directly from the compare editor! Simply start typing in the editor and you will see the new text appear with a yellow background indicating that this is a comment (see picture).

Saving the editor will push the comments as drafts. Of course comments that have been entered by other users are also shown in place.
You can download EGerrit from the Neon release repo or from the Eclipse Marketplace. For questions, you can connect with us on; and for bugs or to take a peek at the future you can see our Kanban board.

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