Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is the Galileo repo?

The Galileo repository is a one stop shop for all the bits and pieces of this release and thus facilitates consumers life. It guarantees by construction that all the pieces that are available from it are meant to work together.
However, this does not mean that you will be able to select all the entries from the repository and successfully install them on top your SDK. Why? Because this repository contains things like SDKs and runtimes (e.g. Riena, Swordfish, etc.) that are meant to be installed in your target rather than your running instance.


Anonymous said...

How can one (in a script) via the director application based on e.g. the (relatively small initial) platform download install a set of things like EMF, CDT, JDT, PDE, MYLYN, BIRT, ... (basically a preselected set of IUs)

casey said...

I noticed that... thanks for the explanation. Last week I installed everything from Galileo into my M7 and got duplicate menus and other weirdness.

nickb said...

That seems both counterintuitive and a change from past years' update sites. Should there be one site for end-user / running instance, and another for runtimes targeting a different install?

Le ScaL said...

Anonymous, you can install all of these things by invoking the new director application in 3.5, its id is org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director. To see how to use it, simply run the app with -help. We are working on the doc.

Le ScaL said...

Nick, even though I could see the benefit of splitting the sites, this would just be moving the problem around as it may well be that some of those things left in the repo would not be installable all together because of other reasons (e.g imagine we had two subversion providers).
Also, splitting the sites would also make for a weird statement of these other things can't be installed in your target.
In any event, I'm just the messenger, and I think this issue should be brought up to the arch or planning council.

nickb said...

@Anonymous, see also bug 276589 and p2 director. Ability to do multiple IUs in a single operation is new (and very cool!).

@Pascal, I guess no one in their right mind would install everything anyway. In the Callisto days that was reasonable but now the repos are more like Maven repos in that they contain everything under the sun, not one cohesive group of installables.