Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh my god, but where is m2e?

Since yesterday's release of Indigo, there seems to have been some confusion about where m2e can be found. So here are some answers for you:
- m2e is now a project of the Eclipse Foundation:
- The landing page for the project is:

Where can you download m2e from?
- m2e comes prepackaged in the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
- it is also available from the indigo repository ( and can be installed using Help > Installed New Software...

Why does m2e not ship in the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers package?
Long story short, this is because at the time we made the decision where to include m2e, the future of the m2e/WTP integration was uncertain. However, since then the situation has changed with Fred Bricon being hired by JBoss and have him be focused on this piece of technology.
In the meantime, I have opened an enhancement request to get m2e added to the JEE package.

So in short, m2e is here, it is available, go use it.


Fred said...

The Maven Integration plugin for WTP (m2e-wtp) version 0.13.0 has been released.

Either import existing JavaEE maven projects into your workspace to let the m2e discovery mechanism find it, or manually Open the m2e extensions catalog :

Window > Preferences > Maven > Discovery > Open Catalog

If you prefer an old school update site, then use :

As usual, bugs should be reported at :

David Carver said...

You probably need to update the Eclipse Marketplace Entry, it still points at the Sonatype 0.12 version.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the source codes for m2eclipse 0.10.2??