Saturday, March 21, 2009

p2 content at EclipseCon

This year is a good year for p2 content at EclipseCon. Among the 26 sessions that got submitted and mentioned p2 in their abstract 13 of them have been accepted.

The p2 fest starts with our tutorial on p2, Monday afternoon. However I'm sure that Andrew N. will have discussed p2 integration in the build in the context of the Common builder tutorial in the morning. Also Monday afternoon is Kai's RCP tutorial that seems to describe the usage of p2 into an RCP application

Then on Tuesday the party continues with Jeff's talk on the Runtime (r)evolution which I'm sure will mention p2 and also with Richard and Markus who have been busily creating p2-enabled Galileo packages.

However Wednesday is "the" p2 day with:
  1. Henrik and Thomas talk about Buckminster and p2
  2. Darin and zx talk on PDE
  3. My talk on what's new in p2
  4. The short talk session on web-centric technology the newly p2-rebased Yoxos and the EPP Wizard (but I'm not sure how much p2 there will be in those talk).
  5. The short talk session on runtime deployment where server side provisioning with p2 and the complexity of versioning in a provisioned world are discussed.
  6. And finally the p2 BOF.
I would be surprised if by the end of the day I was still able to talk.

Have a safe trip and see you there.

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Markus said...

Hi Pascal,
of course, I know from my colleagues that p2 will be mentioned in the EPP Wizard talk... but I think you missed some other inportant talks: E.g. my Galileo talk that contains some aspects about EPP and p2, but we are also presenting p2 as a technology of choice in our Equinox/g-Eclipse/Cloud Computing talk on Thursday.

Regards, Markus