Thursday, March 06, 2008

Today we officially announced the first SDK I-build including p2.
This is pretty exciting as it is the first deployment outside of our immediate team of our completely new mechanism to install / uninstall and update eclipse-based applications.

For the end-user, the important aspects of this new technology are:
- A brand new UI with simplified workflows
- A 4Mb installer for the SDK, yes 4000Kb
- Bundle pooling limiting downloads by sharing bundles common to multiple products
- Multi-threaded and adaptative download technology
- Transparent handling of mirrors
- The ability to fully provision eclipse (including config files)
- ...

Please note that this is still work in progress and therefore limitations of this first integration will be removed in the coming weeks.

To try it on, get the equinox-p2-sdk-* files, and for the installer get the equinox.p2.installer*.

Also to learn more about p2 join me at EclipseCon for a talk and a BOF.



Litrik De Roy said...

Pascal, it is not clear to me how to actually install the 2 downloaded files. Is there some basic readme available online?

Michael said...

I'm getting 404 when I try to download :(

Le ScaL said...

The first download is a normal SDK. Therefore you should be able to unzip it and run. Nothing special, except you have p2 under the covers and as a new UI for Help > Software Updates.

The second download is an installer. If you unzip it and run the exe, it will install the SDK in a specified folder.

Both zips are independent of each others.

There is also a little bit of information at

Le ScaL said...

Michael, you must be re-rooted to an invalid mirror. Please try another one.