Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Europa + PDT + Subversive == happy wife

Yes this is a weird equation, but I can tell you that since I set my wife up with PDT and a few components from Europa, she is the happiest PHP developer around.
To my biggest surprise setting her up with an IDE doing PHP, subversion and remote exploration (these were her requirements) was really easy and the result worked well.

Here are the steps that I followed:
  • Downloaded the eclipse SDK (who knows she may want to do plugin
    developement :-))
  • Added the following URL to the list of update sites (this is because
    subversive and PDT are not part of Europa)
  • -
  • Selected the previously added site and the Europa one, clicked next
  • Once presented with the list of things to installed I picked:
  • - PDT Features
    - Subversive SVN Team provider
    - Remote Access and Device Development > Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime
    - Remote Access and Device Development > Target Management Terminal
  • Clicked "select required", clicked a few times next, accepted the license and after a few moments of download I was able to restart and get access to all these new functionality.
To be honest, and you know that I like to criticize, I was impressed by relative simplicity of the install and the maturity/quality of the components that I got. Currently my favorite one still is the remote system explorer.

Next step, setting her up with Mylyn for managing bugs.


Denis Roy said...

You and your wife are both developers?? You must have interesting conversations!

Eugene Kuleshov said...

You should ask Mik Kersten about his experience, he've been using Mylin to manage his family bugs... err tasks with his wife. :-)

BTW, have you you tried Subclipse? Basically it is just a different update site.

Martin Oberhuber said...

I tried getting PDT from the update site into Europa but ran into bug 195245 which made installation fail -- looks like the PDT feature was not packed correctly with pack200.
I had to use an 1.4 JVM in order for the installation from the update site to succeed.