Monday, February 05, 2007

Multiple versions of the same bundle during the build

Following the theme "pde to support multiple versions", I've just released the support for multiple versions in PDE Build.
This means that you can now build a product / feature made of multiple versions of the same bundle (given that they are not marked singleton).

How do you do that:
- In the feature.xml, identify the plugin and replace the 0.0.0 by the first three segments of the desired version followed by the string "qualifier". Example:
    <plugin id="org.junit" version="3.8.1.qualifier" ... />
    <plugin id="org.junit" version="4.1.0.qualifier" ... />

- In the map file, identify the plugin and add the first three segments of the version before the '=' sign (don't forget the comma)

Of course, if you don't use multiple versions you don't have to do anything new.


Eugene Kuleshov said...

Heh. Now we only need to figure out how to use two version of the same project withing single Eclipse workspace without renaming it...

AlBlue said...


PS Eugene; do 'Check out as' and then supply a different project name instead of using the default module name.